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Recent events have resulted in unprecedented interruptions to courts, businesses, and daily life across the globe. This microsite was created to give members access to critical resources in this time of need.

Recent tragic and senseless deaths have us feeling pain, anger, sadness, and outrage. As trial lawyers, we fight for justice and accountability, and it is our mission to stand for those who have been injured, underrepresented, and harmed. We remain resolute against police misconduct, brutality, and systematic racism. We must find a way to do better and protect those who are mistreated. Let us be guided by our quest for justice for all.

Statement by AAJ President, Bruce Stern, CEO, Linda Lipsen
and the Officers of the American Association for Justice


Trial Lawyer Voices

AAJ’s Minority Caucus Executive Board released a statement in response to racial injustice and police brutality. Read the statement

A Personal Message from Tobi Millrood

AAJ's Incoming President Tobi Millrood shares why the fight against blanket immunity is personal to him. #AAJTogether

There is only one AAJ. Trial lawyers are fighters, and AAJ knows how to fight for us and our clients. It is the only national association that combines the community, advocacy, and education that we need now more than ever.

Blanket Business Immunity
Nursing Homes Failed. Congress Shouldn’t Try to Shield Them.

AAJ's Incoming President Tobias L. Millrood shared why the fight against blanket immunity is personal to him with the New York Times readers on May 20.

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Blanket Business Immunity
Amid coronavirus, blanket legal immunity will prolong pandemic

On May 18, AAJ's President Bruce Stern highlighted the dangers business immunity poses to workers and consumers in the USA Today.

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Blanket Immunity Puts Workers and Consumers at Risk


In this time of crisis, we are together
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